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Our beginnings…          

Strategic Transportation Initiatives, Inc., formerly Fondriest & Associates, Inc., began providing consulting services in 1988 to our client base creating strategic plans to address compliance to land use and air quality requirements relative to transportation and related issues.  Our hallmark, as a 100% women-owned consulting firm, has been our leadership in the transportation industry developing strategic plans, or transportation demand management(TDM)/trip reduction plans(TRP), to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles traveling on congested roadways and highways across the country. 

All of the plans focus on achieving goals that reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and, provide a better and more healthful quality of life for all of us.  As part of the strategic planning effort, including plan approval and public outreach, the consulting firm designs, implements and often manages the various transit services and transportation programs that are included in the approved strategic plans. 

In addition to writing transportation demand management/trip reduction plans, STI provides consulting services for our clients supporting and managing the following  programs and services including transit benefit; flextime and compressed work week; telework; parking management; rideshare matching; TDM employer outreach; region-wide TDM employer outreach;  market research; TDM advertising campaigns; survey design and analysis; and, so forth.

The importance and relevance of our consulting services…

The services that STI provides have become critical in addressing and providing solutions to the increasing demands on our road networks and poor air quality in communities across the US.   Educating commuters on the importance of using alternative commuting options to driving alone can reduce the number of cars on the road, reduce the fuel used, reduce emissions and ease congestion.

As an example, businesses that utilize flex hours, shorten work weeks and implement telework programs for their employees help to reduce congestion, and, with fewer cars sitting in traffic, reductions in fuel used and emissions are also realized.   Additionally, businesses benefit by offering their employees commute options/transportation alternative programs, by often being able to reduce the amount of space required to operate their businesses, decrease the amount parking spaces required for their employees, and, dramatically reduce the operations costs of doing business, thereby putting a greater profit to the bottom line.  A by product of this is the ability of teleworkers to be at work and on time regardless of weather conditions that may affect traffic and the ability to even get to work.

STI's services also provide business a better opportunity to recruit and retain valuable employees by offering them commuter benefit programs, which may include transit subsidies and benefits provided by IRS rulings. 

In addition to cleaner air, the universal benefit is promoting Smart Growth to encourage development of green communities and pedestrian-oriented or new urbanism, communities.

Our clients are very diverse.  We have performed a variety of services for local, county, regional and state government agencies.  We have completed engagements for Federal Agencies and we deliver a variety of services to business and companies of all sizes.  Our business clients include major developers, other consulting companies specializing in unique disciplines, and large and small corporations that are evaluating or developing a TDM or similar transportation programs.

You need our services if you are….

What you should expect from us….

STI, and our consulting team has a reputation of providing stellar customer service to our client’s and their customers.  Our hallmark is exceeding your expectations in meeting your required goals and often complete your project’s goals and objectives ahead of schedule.  As a leader in the TDM industry, we provide you with THE most experienced and successful professionals, without exception.